love yourself

why do we try so hard to conform? why do we try to be like everyone else? Life can be hard enough with out all this added pressure. Think - what is your most beautiful asset? its not a head full of long shiny hair, a well trimmed toned figure, skin with no blemishes or wrinkles, a wardrobe full of designer clothes or a sports car outside your house. The most beautiful asset anyone can have is a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand thats willing to help whenever its needed. we all possess these wonderful assets.

21 years ago I used to hate myself all because I had no hair, I thought people wouldn't like me, wouldn't want to be seen with me, I felt like the odd one out.....

Its saddens me when i look back now and think of all the things I put off doing all because I had no hair. well im making up for it now.... my biggest regret was not training to be hairdresser - so guess what Im now half way through my level 2 hairdressing certificate and I love it...

The first step is starting to love yourself xx




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