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I started friends of hair last year a group for anyone suffering with any form of hair loss either due to alopecia or cancer related treatments. I lost my hair 21 years ago and felt so alone I didnt get offered any support or advice from my GP. This is still the case 21 years later, I hear stories from ladies who have recently seen their GP as they have noticed their hair getting thinner or the odd small bald patch appear and they are made to feel like they are wasting the GPs time..... one lady was told by her GP "well at least you have a nice shaped head", another was told quite rudely "theres nothing we can do, i suggest if it bothers you to get a wig". Hair loss is awful you experience so many emotions, I myself remember feeling very are not told where you can access any help with coming to terms with loosing your hair, you are not given any information about wigs and where you can go. 

Our group is there to offer you support and advice. We meet once a month, its just nice to talk to someone who understand how you feel.



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Claim the VAT back on your wig purchase (currently 20%) if you have alopecia, are receiving chemotherapy, chronically sick or have a disabling condition.

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